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1. All horses and riders stabled and/or registered in Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and Essex are eligible and can accumulate points as per rules 2-10, but only at qualifying events in the South East Eventers League Championship.

2. HOME FARM LEADING HORSE AND RIDER Points will be awarded to 6th at all qualifying events, irrespective of section starters, on BE placing points from Novice sections upwards. Placing points as BE for Advanced, CIC**,CIC * and CCI** count down to placings as awarded by BE. Double clears do not score. Open Novice horses will only score points if Grade 3 or 4 at start of current season with less than 12 points. Intermediate novice and INU21 points will be awarded as for novice. Note that under BE rules INU21 sections are open to grade 1 horses.


4. CARNEGIE OSTEOPATHY BE 80 EQUI-VATION BE 100 THE MOORHOUSE COMMUNICATIONS BE90 Points will be awarded as follows, 1st = 6 points down to 6th = 1 point at all qualifying events. No points for double clear. Horses must be grade 4 (no BE points). Please note that for 2018 these rankings are open to all . NB. For the BE 80 ranking, combinations will not receive points after 3 placings at BE 90 level and above.

5. VOLTAIRE OVERALL GRASSROOTS The overall grassroots winner will be the combination gaining the most points in BE80/ BE90/ BE100 over the season. Competitors will however have to be legible for the BE Mitsubisi Cup grassroots championship at Badminton for this award. This award can only be won once by the same combination The prize is a Voltaire Saddle.

6. WELLINGTON RIDING NOVICE Novice points are open to grade 3 and 4 horses that start the current season with less than 12 BE points. Points as BE points to 6th place in Novice, ON, IN, I, , JRN and all Junior/U21 classes, no points for double clears. Points gained in CIC/CCI*/** will go as per BE placings.

7. POPPINGHOLE FARM MARES RANKING Points awarded from 1st to 6th place for horses from all levels. For example 1st = 6 points down to 6th = 1 point. Points gained in CIC/CCI*/** will go as per BE placings.

8. CAL REI RETIRED RACEHORSE TO EVENTER Points awarded at all levels as follows 1st =10points down to 10th=1 point. Ex-racehorses must be registered thoroughbreds and have raced/trained under recognised rules of racing in the UK. Relevant documents must be produced by prize winners.
8. UNDER 21 Novice and above BE points as per rule 2. BE 100 and BE 90 points awarded 1st = 6 points down to 6th = 1 point. JRN and JON: Grade 3 and 4 horses receive novice points to 6th. Grade 1 and 2 receive 1st = 4 points down to 4-6th = 1 point.

9. THE RACHEL LAMB VETERAN RIDER Veteran points awarded at all levels 1st = 6 points down to 6th = 1 point

10. THE EQUINE TRAVEL AGENCY LTD VETERAN HORSE Open to horses aged 15 years or over. Veteran horse points awarded at all levels 1st 6th
11. THE EQUESTRIAN REPAIRS SEEL INTERNATIONAL RANKING Open to horses of any grade,points awarded as per BE rules that are awarded in 1* and 2* in the league region.

12. UNDER 21 An under 21 rider is defined as being under 21 at the beginning of the BE season.

13. VETERAN A veteran rider is defined as being over 40 at the beginning of the BE season.

14. Each combination must remain the same throughout the season although a change of rider is acceptable in certain cases, for instance because of injury, but not where a rider is substituted to gain points.

15. Any combination becoming eligible during the season will only score points from when they became eligible. Any combination moving out of the area will only score points until that moment.

16. Ties for placings will be decided by 'consistency points' with all first places scoring 10, all seconds 9 and so on to 1 for tenth. If two or more riders and horses remain tied, the relevant prize monies will be added together and divided equally between those riders and horses.

17. The league Committee reserves the right to refuse or disqualify any entry and to interpret the rules to ensure the efficient and fair running of the league within the objectives and priorities of BE.

18. In line with BE events and BE rule 3.16, all prizes must be received in person at the SEEL Awards by the rider or owner of the winning horse. The SEEL Committee will permit a deputy to receive the prize. If not received in accordance with this rule, the Committee may declare the prize forfeit. The awards this year take place in Tunbridge Wells on November 17th.


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